Subject-Verb Agreement
(part 2)

컬렉션: BBC와의 영어
게시되었습니다 14 4월 2018
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Dan is an English teacher at BBC Learning English. In his lessons, he explains complex grammatical topics in simple examples. In this video, Dan will quickly and clearly explain the subject-verb agreement in the cases when the singular and plural forms of the noun coincide, and when uncountable nouns, collective nouns or adjectives are used instead of usual nouns in a sentence.

Part 1
권장 단어
according to - 나름으로
a bit - 비트
careful - 꼼꼼한
to consider - 중히 여기다
to depend - ...나름이다
despite - 무례
difference - 차
difficult - 어려운
to disagree - 맞지 않다
in talks - 회담
mad - 미친
make sure - 확실하게하다
quantity - 양
to represent - 말하다
to review - 재조사하다
rule - 규칙
undercover - 비밀로 행해지는
unfortunately - 운수 나쁘게
unlike - ...을 닮지 않고
worth - 할 만한