Kaley Cuoco sings TBBT Theme Song on The Tonight Show

게시되었습니다 7 5월 2017
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The Tonight Show is an American entertainment talk show that has been on-air since 1954. It is the longest-running regular entertainment television programme in the United States. Jimmy Fallon has been hosting the show since 2014. In this video, Jimmy hosts Kaley Cuoco, one of the stars of "The Big Bang Theory" sitcom. Kaley is going to talk about surprises she has faced on the film set for the past year, and also, along with Jimmy, she is going to answer some audience questions and even sing a song!
권장 단어
Big Bang - 빅뱅
billion - 십억
to build - 쌓다
directly - 직접
a director - 이사
drool - 침을 흘리다
to focus - ...의 초점을 맞추다
good luck - 행운
to impose - 두다
interesting - 흥미있는
make someone laugh - 누군가 웃게하다
nearly - 거의
perfect - 완전한
a picture - 그림
to proceed - 발하다
a pyramid - 피라미드
random - 닥치는 대로의
a scene - 장면
science - 과학
a season - 시즌
serious - 진지한
tonight - 오늘밤은
whole - 완전한
wild - 사나운