Comma Queen: An Episode of Diaeresis

컬렉션: 쉼표의 여왕
게시되었습니다 4 12월 2018
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Have you ever heard about diaeresis? No, that’s not what you think! Diaeresis is a symbol consisting of two dots that we sometimes put over a vowel in many languages, including English. In this video Mary Norris, an editor and a proofreader for the New Yorker magazine, nicknamed Comma Queen, will explain when to use diaeresis in the English language in detail, as well as give us a demonstration of how to use some big-scale office supplies.

권장 단어
be on - ~에있다
a boutique - 부티크
co-op - 협동조합의 가게
to co-opt - 선임하다
condition - 조건
to cooperate - 서로 돕다
a department - 부
a diaeresis - 분음
a dot - 점
to indicate - 가리키다
kind of - 거의
meaning - 의미
old-fashioned - 구식
pencil sharpener - 연필 깎기
to pronounce - 발음하다
to reelect - 재선하다
to reestablish - 재건하다
to spell - 바르게 쓰다
a syllable - 음절
an umlaut - 움라우트
unpleasant - 불쾌한
to use - 쓰다
a vowel - 모음