What is London like at Christmas?

게시되었습니다 23 12월 2017
비디오의 지속 시간: 3 분. 15 초.
Lucy is an English teacher from the United Kingdom. And also she is just a cheerful, beautiful girl. But today Lucy is not going to either talk about grammar rules or explain some interesting vocabulary. Today she is going to show you what London looks like during the Christmas season, and also will tell you what she likes doing in this period. And how do you spend your pre-holiday time?
권장 단어
all year round - 일년 내내
amazing - 놀랄 만한
atmosphere - 분위기
busy - 바쁜
come along - 따라오다
to compete - 사회를 보다
crazy - 미친
to forget - 잊다
to gather - 모으다
a gift - 선물
have something to offer - 제안 할 것이있다.
to head - 향하게 하다
impressive - 강한 인상을 주는
inspiration - 영감
loved one - 사랑하는 사람
lovely - 아름다운
luxury - 사치
a market - 시장
a performer - 수행자
to spend - 보내다
a spot - 자리
take a step back - 뒤로 물러 서다.
to visit - 보러 가다
window shopping - 진열창 안의 물건을 들여다보며