How to Choose a Cross Stitch Pattern

게시되었습니다 20 3월 2011
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We continue a series of short videos about cross stitching. Vika Pavon tells how to choose the right pattern for embroidering, so that you wouldn't waste the bought threads in vain.
권장 단어
a beginner - 초보자
blank - 멍한
to count - 세다
a cross - 걸터 타다
to decide - 결심하다
to depend - ...나름이다
to determine - 정하다
an edge - 가장자리
fabric - 구조
to follow - 따르다
have to - 아야 하다
a kit - 전부
a needle - 바늘
a pattern - 무늬
a stitching - 꿰매다
a thread - 실