Candy applies for a job

게시되었습니다 11 4월 2011
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If you are about to change your job and you have to attend job interviews often, will you give a hint of "correct" answers to the questions that employers usually ask during the first interview.
권장 단어
an ad - 광고
to appreciate - 진가를 인정하다
barbed - 가시 돋친
certainly - 확실히
to cover - 덮다
to expect - 배고 있다
a goal - 골
an interviewee - 인터뷰를 받는 사람
to notice - ...을 알아차리다
personality - 성격
a piercing - 꿰뚫는
to surround - 에워싸다
a synergy - 시너지 효과
TTYL - 다음에 얘기하자
ultimate - 최고의
weakness - 약점