Michael Buble — Let It Snow

컬렉션: 새해, Michael Bublé
게시되었습니다 27 12월 2016
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Michael Buble is a Canadian singer, songwriter and actor. He is the leading modern Great American Songbook performer, having won several different awards.

Let It Snow! is one of the most well-known Christmas songs in English. It was written by poet Sammy Cahn and composed by Jule Styne; over the years, it has been performed by a huge number of musicians, with at least 20 cover versions of it being known.
권장 단어
as long as - ...만큼 오래
to bring - 이끌다
corn - 옥수수
dear - 소중한
delightful - 매우 기쁜
to die - 죽다
finally - 최후로
fire - 화재
go out - 외출하다
hate - 미워하다
to hold - 들다
kiss goodnight - 굿나잇 키스
outside - 밖에
to pop - 불쑥 나가다
a sign - 기호
slowly - 천천히
to stop - 서다
a storm - 폭풍
tight - 단단히
warm - 따뜻한
weather - 날씨