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Parrotfish is one of the largest coral reef fish. They are so omnivorous that they eat corals and stones together with algae. After coming through the digestive system of these fish, solid food particles turn into fine sand that later forms tropical beaches, which are so attractive for tourists.
권장 단어
alike - 서로 같은
alluring - 유혹하는
bite through - 물지다
build up - 건물로 둘러싸다
coral - 산호
to descend - 내려가다
to emerge - 나타나다
to enrich - 높이다
erosion - 부식
to feed - 즐겁게 하다
fine sand - 고운 모래
to form - 생기다
indiscriminate - 무차별의
a jaw - 턱
nearly - 거의
to nest - 둥지를 짓다
over time - 시간 외에
parrotfish - 해파리
play a part - 부분을 ​​연주하다.
to produce - 생기게 하다
a quest - 탐구
a reef - 암초
support - 버티다
to swallow - 참다
take root - 뿌리를 박다
threat - 위협