Adele — When We Were Young

컬렉션: Adele, 팝 음악
게시되었습니다 10 7월 2017
비디오의 지속 시간: 4 분. 47 초.
When We Were Young is a song by British singer and songwriter Adele from her third studio album 25. It was recorded as the fourth album track and was released on 26 January 2016 as the second single. The musical composition was acclaimed by critics and charted among ten best songs in Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland and United Kingdom.
권장 단어
all night long - 밤새도록
alone - 혼자
be there - 거기에있다
by chance - 우연히
by oneself - 자기 혼자서
dream come true - 꿈이 이루어지다.
exactly - 정확하게
fear - 무서움
feel like home - 집처럼 느껴져.
hold on - 계속해 가다
to hope - 바라다
I guess - 나는 짐작한다.
in case - 만일을 생각하여
just like - 처럼
to keep - 치다
mad - 미친
to move - 나가다
overseas - 해외로
photograph - ...의 사진을 찍다
to realize - 깨닫다
reckless - 분별 없는
to remind - 생각나게 하다
restless - 차분하지 못한
scared - 깜짝 놀란
to sound - 재다
to swear - 이르게 하다
take back - 도로 찾다
win back - 되찾다