Adele — Someone Like You

컬렉션: Adele, 팝 음악
게시되었습니다 30 9월 2014
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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, professionally known as Adele, is a British singer, composer, songwriter performing in the genres of pop jazz, soul and blues. She was appointed a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2013. Among other Adele's awards are fifteen Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, nine Brit Awards and an Academy Award (2013).
권장 단어
to beg - 빌다
bittersweet - 달콤 씁쓸한
bound - 결합한
come true - 실현되다
to fight - 싸우다
a fly - 파리
to forget - 잊다
a friend - 친구
a girl - 소녀
glory - 영광
to guess - 추측하다
to hate - 미워하다
a haze - 안개
to hear - 듣다
instead - 그 대신으로서
light - 가벼운
love - 사랑
mind - 마음
nothing but - 아무것도
out of the blue - 뜻밖에
settle down - 안정되다
to surprise - 놀라게 하다
to taste - 맛보다
turn up - 접어서 줄이다
uninvited - 초청받지 않은
to wish - 바라다
a worry - 걱정
yesterday - 어제