3 tricks for learning English
(part 2)

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게시되었습니다 5 2월 2014
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James suggests making learning English more fun, so he suggests you to try three amusing ways that will help you learn English. In this part of the lesson we will talk about a game with the epic name - "generator of random sentences". In fact, the game is nothing complicated, you'll definitely like it, also with its help you can practice building sentences in English.
권장 단어
an adjective - 형용사
complicated - 복잡한
to develop - 나타나게 하다
to generate - 일으키다
a generator - 발전기
to notice - ...을 알아차리다
purpose - 목적
random - 닥치는 대로의
randomly - 무작위로
a trick - 장난
a verb - 동사